Site Improvements & Updates

Here's where you'll find all new additions and changes to the site, most recent listed first, ordered chronologically. I plan to build on this site over time, so please visit this page regularly to see what's going on! Links are provided so you can find the new stuff quickly.

February 15, 2007
The Boston Survival Guide has finally entered the 21st Century. Complete overhaul of style (godawful tables and inline styles to proper XHTML and CSS) and content (updating of resources and links). Not beautiful, just better. There might still be some errors and places listed that no longer exist, so please let me know.
September 8, 2004
Added many items to "Upcoming Events". And changed the "last updated" date on the front page, because it was embarrassing.
January 15, 2004
Another long-overdue update. Added many items to "Upcoming Events", and also updated listings on all pages. As things are getting busier in my life, I'll unlikely be able to do more than keep events updated and occasionally check for dead links. My apologies, and I wish everyone the best.
March 20, 2003
An embarrassingly long-overdue update. Added many items to "Upcoming Events", and also updated listings in the "Expand Your Mind" and "Worth Causes" pages.
February 9, 2002
Good heavens - it's about time! Added a whole bunch of "Upcoming Events." Also added The Tremont Tearoom (on the Pagan page), Tibetan Herbal Healing (on the Healing Resources page), and River Rock Farm (a local supplier of natural beef products) to the Food page.
May 22, 2001
Cleaned up code, fixed dead links, a few minor updates.
April 30, 2001
Updated "Upcoming Events" database.
February 25, 2001
Changed navigation menu; added in some rather cool (if I must say so myself) dHMTL menus to make it easier to get around. Also redid image map on front page.
Nov. 26, 2000
Upcoming Events page is now dynamic, linking to a proper database of events. It's about time.
Nov. 7, 1999
Updated Upcoming Events listing; minor design changes.
Sept. 12, 1999
Major overhaul of site. A much cleaner look (IMHO), and some little javascript touches added (which hopefully won't cause anyone any grief).
Added the "What's New" page, which chronically details changes made to the site (you're on it).
Added an "Upcoming Events" page, for events of interest to the 'alternative' community, in the Boston and New England area.
Added a whole bunch of really cool Expanding Awareness interview clips to Victor's page. These are taken from radio broadcasts of his "Expanding Awareness" programme on WZBC (90.3 FM). To learn more about this programme, click here.
April 21, 2000
Finally updated the Upcoming Events section.