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The Expanding Awareness/Lucid Sounds Radio Show

Hosted by Victor Robert Venckus (one of Boston's leading psychics and past-life regression therapists), the Expanding Awareness/Lucid Sounds Program has been airing on WZBC-FM (90.3) for 25 years. During the Expanding Awareness portion of the show, Victor conducts call-in interviews on holistic health, animal and human rights, environmental and paranormal topics. Subjects in the paranormal vein have included UFOs, alien abductions, and crop circles; psychic readers and healers; dowsing; mediumship; near death experiences; numerology; dream interpretation; astrology; and many others. A loyal listenership and well-educated audience makes this one show not to miss! WZBC 90.3 FM and live-streaming, Saturdays from 7am - 11am. Shows are archived for two weeks at WZBC online.

Psychic Readings & Past-Life Regressions

Victor Robert Venckus, host of the Expanding Awareness/Lucid Sounds Programme, offers psychic readings and past-life regression therapy. Exploring your past lives can provide tremendous insight into who you are now, and many people have utilized Victor's readings to assist them in making important decisions in their lives. Learn more about Victor and his services.

Pagan Resources

The shutting down of Arsenic & Old Lace was a big loss for the Cambridge pagan community, but there are still a few places here and there for supplies and good herbs, and plenty of resources, both local and online. For more iunformation, see the full page of pagan resources I have assembled. I've also included websites for information about Celtic and Norse culture.

ETs, UFOs & Alien Abduction (New England Resources)

Following are some places where you can get good information about UFOs, extraterrestrials and alien abduction cases.

Seven Stars (bookstore)
They have a large selection of books regarding these topics. They also know about upcoming local events.
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
Highly respected organization researching and chronicling UFO reports and sightings.
John E. Mack Institute
This highly esteemed organization founded by the late John Mack, the famous Harvard University professor of psychology who put his career at risk by studying alien abductees (or 'experiencers', as they prefer to be called). They still carry on his important work, which included PEER - Program for Experience Research.

Other Resources for Paranormal Topics

Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation (IF) - Budd Hopkins is a famous name on the UFO scene. He ran the Intruders Foundation (IF) and Abduction Information Center, which is no longer happening I guess, but at this link you can find archived materials.

Coast to Coast AM - This used to be The Art Bell Show. He retired in 2007, but this radio show still airs and it still deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena.

Colin Andrews - Another well-known individual on the UFO scene who is engaged in research into the crop circle phenomenon. He was an Electrical Engineer for over ten years with the British Government, and saw his first Crop Circle in 1983. He founded Circles Phenomenon Research International (C.P.R.I.) and dedicated himself full-time to deciphering this mystery. He wrote "Circular Evidence" in 1989, and continues to present the findings of his ongoing investigations in lectures, on major television and radio programs, and in popular magazines and newspapers worldwide. It appears he's still extremely active.

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